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UNFC and Russian Oil and Gas Classification Bridging Document open for public comment

Published: 14 June 2016

The draft Bridging Document between the Oil and Fuel Gas Reserves and Resources Classification of the Russian Federation of 2013 and the United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources 2009 (UNFC-2009) was issued today for public comment until 14 August 2016.

The document was prepared by the Russian Federation State Committee on Mineral Reserves (GKZ) in cooperation with the Technical Advisory Group of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification.

The 2013 Russian Federation classification of reserves of oil and combustible gases came into effect on 1 January 2016. It establishes unified guidance regarding the principles for assessment and accounting of reserves and resources of oil, combustible gases and gas condensate in Russia, while UNFC-2009 is applicable to all extractive activities worldwide (including coal, gas, oil and uranium).

This draft Bridging Document compares the reserves and resources by categories of the Russian Federation Classification to the categories and classes of UNFC-2009. David MacDonald, Chair of the Expert Group on Resource Classification and Vice President for Segment Reserves at BP, noted “This is a key document in providing a linkage between the two classification systems. It was the most complicated one that the Expert Group has prepared to date due to the fundamental differences between the two systems, but good communication and cooperation between the Expert Group and GKZ allowed us to resolve any areas of difference”.

The draft Bridging Document is issued for public comment in order to receive input from all stakeholders to ensure development of a robust and accurate document. Igor Shpurov, General Director of the Russian State Committee on Mineral Reserves and First Vice Chair of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification stated “This Bridging Document is a very important step in our efforts to enhance international cooperation in the oil and gas industry in Russia. It will greatly improve global communication with respect to reserves and resources estimates”.

In general, Bridging Documents explain the relationship between UNFC-2009 and another classification system that has been endorsed by the Expert Group as an Aligned System. They incorporate instructions and guidelines on how to classify estimates generated by application of that Aligned System using the Numerical Codes of UNFC-2009.

At the meeting of the Expert Group on Resource Classification in April, Mr. Shpurov advised that a new classification system for solid minerals for the Russian Federation is under development and careful consideration is being taken to ensure the best possible alignment with UNFC-2009.

The draft bridging document is available for public comment on the UNECE website at:

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