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Steering group on national accounts

Contact person: Ms. Tihomira Dimova


  • Finalize the regional set of recommendations for the 2008 SNA implementation in the UNECE countries that are not members of the EU or OECD. The recommendations should take into consideration the three stages of implementation recommended by the ISWGNA and the specific circumstances in the EECCA countries;
  • Advise the UNECE Secretariat on the formulation and planning of capacity building activities, with the aim to support the EECCA and SEE countries in complying with the recommendations for the 2008 SNA implementation. The capacity building activities should be closely coordinated with Eurostat and other regional partners;
  • Coordinate UNECE work in the area of national accounts and globalization. Launch and steer research projects, development of guidelines and surveys of best practice. Oversee the work of the TFGP;

  • Act as an organizing committee for the meetings of the Group of Experts on National Accounts (organized jointly with Eurostat and OECD) taking into consideration the specific needs of the UNECE member countries. Assist in the preparation of other expert meetings and workshops in the field of national accounts.

Terms of Reference (February 2015)

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