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Second Quaterly Newsletter


Legal Acts in the EU in the area of technical harmonization: adopted or proposed during the second quarter of 2010



The term "comitology" is shorthand for the way the Commission executes the implementing powers conferred on it by the EU legislator, with the assistance of committees of representatives from EU countries. The Treaty of Lisbon (hereinafter "the new Treaty"), which entered into force on 1 December 2009, substantially modifies the framework for implementing powers that are conferred upon the Commission by the legislator (Articles 290 and 291). Under the comitology procedure are adopted acts of general application to supplement or amend certain non-essential elements of a legislative act. Legal acts adopted by the Commission in this way are referred to in the terminology used by the new Treaty as “delegated acts”. More…


    Construction products


Following a wide consultation of stakeholders and an impact assessment, the Commission, within its Better Regulation/Simplification programme, proposes replacing Council Directive 89/106/EEC by a Regulation with the aim to better define the objectives of Community legislation and make its implementation easier by providing some simplified mechanisms especially addressed to alleviate the administrative burden for enterprises and, in particular, for SMEs. The main goals of the proposal are to clarify the current problematic issues in the construction sector, reduce the administrative burdens for manufacturers, in particular for SMEs, ensure free marketing of construction products and remove the barriers to trade. More…




The repeal of the 8 metrology Directives would be in line with the Commission’s approach to simplify the acquis of European law by repealing obsolete legislative acts, which have little or no practical impact and therefore have become irrelevant. It would also be fully in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity. Whilst the options, repeal or re-regulation, are both possible outcomes of the simplification objective and both will fully achieve the objective of simplification, the option of repeal will entail less overhead at the European level and reduce the quantity of European legislation, whilst maintaining fully the internal market. More… 


    Textile names and labelling of textile


This Regulation lays down rules concerning the use of textile names and related labelling of textile products as well as the rules concerning the quantitative analysis of binary and ternary textile fibre mixtures. More… 

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